Salvequick – a Swedish classic

Innovative products that meet everyday needs – that’s one way of describing the philosophy behind the Salvequick brand.

A plaster is born

When peace finally returned after the Second World War, the founder of Salvequick, Christian Cederroth, realised that many products used on the battlefield could also have applications in peacetime. Such as plasters, for example. They could be just as useful in the home as in the hospitals. But it was difficult to gain more knowledge about plasters and the materials needed to make them were still at the development stage. So Cederroth started to experiment in a rented workshop in Aspudden to the south of Stockholm. The building was to become the company’s first factory and the very first plaster emerged from the production unit in 1947. It was given the name Salveplast.

An overnight success

The next challenge was the packaging. When Salveplast was launched, rival plasters were sold in long fabric strips. These were packed by hand and available over the counter in open envelopes. Unhygienic and impractical. Mr. Cederroth decided to develop individual plaster strips in smaller sizes instead, each with a wound pad impregnated with a new antiseptic and packed in its own individual sleeve. They were made of a new thermally sealed material that protected against dirt, bacteria and dust. In 1953, the company introduced Salvekvick – the first individually packaged plaster in Europe. It rapidly became a market success, even in countries a long way from Sweden. For example, in 1959 Salve was launched in Italy and quickly became the market leader thanks to a unique marketing campaign featuring TV adverts.

Salvequick today

Some fifty years later, Salvequick is a market leader and virtually a generic name for plasters in many countries, especially in Europe. We continuously innovate both materials and packaging. All with the aim of making it quick and easy to remove a plaster from its packaging to protection of an injury, and then help the healing process be as smooth and effective as possible! Over the years, Salvekvick has become Salvequick and the packaging has been redesigned. Our classic plaster is available in a range of designs from our popular children’s plasters to advanced special plasters such as our Foot Care range. New products are being launched all the time. Worldwide, we sell around 20 million packs of plasters a year and we are continuously developing better and easier wound care products.