Foot Care

The Salvequick FOOT CARE Blister and Chafing range consists of advanced hydrocolloid plasters for faster healing. Hydrocolloid plasters absorb moisture from the skin/wound and create a supporting cushion that relieves pressure and protects against friction.

Research shows that wounds heal quicker in a moist environment, a fact long known and utilised by hospitals. Hydrocolloid plasters only allow a certain amount of moisture to pass through and help create a moist environment round the wound that stimulates the healing process. It also helps to prevent scab formation over the wound and reduces the risk of scarring. The plasters have a very practical design and acts as a flexible extra skin that allows the skin to breath while repelling dirt and water. Apply a plaster before an activity to prevent blisters and chafing. User instructions are included in the pack.

• Protects against pressure and friction • Absorbs liquid and forms a relieving cushion • Reduces pain • Accelerates the healing • Reduces the risk of scarring • Protects against water and dirt • Allows the skin to breathe

6 medium plasters 40×61 mm. 6 small plasters 21×64 mm. 10 plasters, small och medium.

Blisters plaster with Aloe Vera

FOOT CARE Blisters plaster Aloe Vera is made ​​of an advanced hydrocolloid material and contains 1 % Aloe Vera.
The plaster absorbs fluid from the skin / wound and creates a top cushion which protects against pressure and friction.
Research shows that wounds heal faster in an optimal environment for wound healing i.e. the patch is used during the whole healing period. This helps the wound to heal faster and reduces the risk of scarring.


  • Instant Pain Relief
  • Stay-on Technology
  • Quick Healing
  • Contains Aloe Vera


5 medium plasters.