As often as not plasters are the most common item in every household first aid kit. Which is no real surprise as there are plenty of minor accidents – indoors and outdoors – where a plaster is worth its weight in gold. If you also have an assortment, you will be able to deal with most situations.

Textile elastic

Woven fabric plasters are durable and versatile and always good to have. Thanks to their elasticity, they are particularly suitable for moving parts of the body, such as knees, elbows and knuckles. They have extra strong adhesion.

20 standard size fabric plasters. A fabric dressing strip enables you to cut the plaster to size to suit the wound.

Finger Mix

A mix of plasters that is specially designed to fit better on the hands and fingers. The finger bandage is longer than a standard plaster and can be rolled for several times around a finger, to sit really well. The fingertip plaster is a plaster with a shape that enables the right placement of the attachment wings when the wound pad is placed on the fingertip. The plasters are hypo-allergenic.

Package Includes:
18 plasters:
– 10 finger bandage / length
– 4 for the fingertips
– 4 medium

Aqua Resist

Plastic plasters that are both water and dirt resistant. They are breathable with a highly absorbent wound pad and ideal for most parts of the body.

20 standard size plastic plasters. 22 plastic plasters in assorted sizes for the most common types of wounds. A plastic dressing strip enables you to cut the plaster to size to suit the wound.
40 plasters in assorted sizes, perfect for families.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has, since far back in history, been known for its good qualities. It has inspired us to develop a modern and good plaster that contains Aloe Vera. Salvequick Aloe Vera is in addition a soft, pliable plaster with a highly absorbent wound pad. It breathes the same time as it is water- and dirt repellent.

A transparent flexible plaster containing Aloe Vera, renowned for its soothing properties. A plaster with a protecting effect containing Aloe Vera. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Aqua Block, quick healing

Modern, waterproof plasters that create a moist environment around the wound that quickens healing. Aqua Block plasters are not suitable for wounds that are already infected. The wound should be cleaned daily and a new plaster applied.

12 plasters
8 psc 32×65 mm
4 psc 52×65 mm
18 plasters
25×72 mm
12 plasters

Children’s plasters

Our children plasters are available with different popular figures for different ages. The plasters are flexible and durable and suited for active kids. The plasters are water- and dirt resistant and let the skin breath at the same time. They are specially made for kids and helps to give comfort so the child can get back into playing again. In other words, they protect the wound against water, dirt and tears.

Patches in three designs and two sizes. The oval patches have a slightly larger wound pad and fits for example, knees and elbows.
14 pieces
Plasters in three designs and two different sizes. The oval plasters have a slightly larger wound pad and are suitable for e.g. knees and elbows. The plasters are soft and elastic, but also water and dirt repellent. Our Classic Teddy plaster is a comforting friend available in three designs and sizes.
They are all famous Disney characters and are available in four designs and three sizes. Sponge Bob comes in threes sizes and in three different designs. All the plasters are soft and elastic as well as water- and dirt repellent. 20 pcs in a box. Plasters in three designs and three different sizes. The plasters are soft and elastic, but also water- and dirt repellent.
The familiar yellow, cute, movie stars are now also available as plasters. Three different designs and sizes.
20 pcs in a box.


If you have sensitive skin, Salvequick offers plasters with a material and a adhesive designed to minimize the stress to your skin. The product is recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association.

20 standard size Soft & Sensitive plasters.