SalvequickMed contains our special range of pharmaceutical products. SalvequickMed is a leading force within wound care. A brand that is well known. Comforting, safe, and reliable.

Sticking plasters

Sometimes an ordinary plaster is not enough and you need a bigger dressing. We have a choice of three with self-adhesive surfaces and large dressings – 5 per pack.
Size 76×54 mm.

Maxi Cover
Soft and gentle for sensitive skin.
Aqua Maxi Cover Waterproof plasters that allows the skin to breathe. Antibacterial Maxi Cover.
With an antibacterial wound pad that reduces the risk of infection. Waterproof plasters that allows the skin to breathe.
Aqua Cover Kids Maxi Cover XXL Aqua Cover XXL


We are extending our Pharmacy range with our best selling strip plaster – available in fabric and waterproof versions, and our most popular individual plasters. Our popular Hello Kitty and Cars children’s plasters will continue to be found on Pharmacy shelves.

Sweden’s best selling plaster. Versatile, durable and pliable – ideal for e.g. knees and elbows. A best seller, excellent adhesive qualities. Popular dressing strip, water and dirt repellent. Highly absorbent wound pad, flexible and breathable. Cut to size to suit the wound.
A perfect assortment for the entire family 5 different sizes to suit all types of wound. Popular medium plaster. Second best seller after fabric 75 cm. Aqua Stop
Sport tape

Extra Sensitive Aloe Vera 20 cm Family Assorted 26 Extra Sensitive 50 cm

Children’s plasters

Fun kids plasters in three designs and two different sizes. Two of the designs have a unique oval shape that is ideal for knees and elbows. All the plasters are soft and elastic and water and dirt repellent.

Children’s plasters Planes 16 st Children’s plasters Hello Kitty 16 st Children’s plasters Disney Classics 18 st