Blister Plaster

  • Salvequick Blister Plaster protects the blister so that you can carry on with your day. It acts as a second layer of skin that protects the blister from water, bacteria and dirt. The blister plaster is made of hydrocolloid, which allows the skin to breathe and creates optimal conditions for faster healing. It can also be used preventive to reduce friction and avoid blisters altogether.

    • Pressure relief
    • Accelerates healing
    • Protects against water, dirt and bacteria

    Clean the blister with running water or a wound cleanser. Make sure that the skin is dry and clean from dirt, lotion and oil. Apply a blister plaster that covers the blister and let it stay on until if falls off (it can stay on for several days). If the plaster falls off, clean the blister and apply a new blister plaster. Repeat until the blister has healed. If you need to remove the blister plaster: Stretch out slowly in the direction of the skin (do not pull upwards).

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