• Effective treatment with Corn Plaster

    Corns and calluses are two foot problems that can be both irritating and painful. Salvelox Corn Plaster helps to reduce pain, relieve pressure and remove corns and calluses. The plaster dressing contains a salicylic acid (40%), which is a well-known and proven substance against corns. Start the treatment today and don’t let corn or calluses stop your day.

    • Helps to eliminate corn
    • Reduces pain
    • Relives pressure
    • Prevents friction
  • Corns and calluses

    Corns and calluses are thick, hardened layers of skin that are caused by too much pressure or friction on your skin. Corns are painful circular or cone-shaped masses of skin, that often appear on the toes or on the bottom or sides of the feet.

    Calluses are slightly larger patches of hardened skin, often formed on the soles of the feet or on the palms of the hands.

  • Causes

    You can develop corns and calluses from wearing tight shoes, high heels or shoes without socks. You can also get it if your feet rub against a seam or stitch inside the shoe.

    It is possible to get corn on your hands, for example from playing instruments, writing or using hand tools without gloves.

  • How to treat corn

    An old traditional method is to file away the corn. This is a time-consuming process that requires you to bath moisturize and file your feet daily for a few weeks.

    For a more effective and easy method, just treat the corn with Salvelox Corn Plasters with salicylic acid (40%).

  • How to use our Corn plaster

    Make sure your skin is clean and dry. Apply the Salvelox Corn Plaster on the corn and make sure that the center of the plaster is placed directly over the corn or calluses. Change the plaster daily.

    After four days of treatment it might be possible to remove the core of the corn after bathing your foot in hot water containing soap or salt. If necessary, repeat the treatment.

    Please see leaflet for further instructions.