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Check out our different plasters, foot treatment products and wound care essentials!


Wound care advice

As wound care specialists we have gathered all kinds of interesting information regarding wound care. Learn more about wound treatment!

Wound care

Foot treatment tips

Take care of your feet. Read more about different foot problems and how to treat them.

Foot treatment

Wound Care

How to treat your wound

Did you know that wounds heal faster in a moist environment? Learn more about how to take care of your wounds in the best way possible.

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Quick healing plasters

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Two types of blister plasters

Did you know that there are two different types of blister plasters to be used for different purposes?

  • Blister Prevention: to prevent blisters from forming
  • Blister Rescue: once the blister has occured

Blister plasters

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Wound healing since 1947

We have been wound care specialists for 75 years and are market leaders in several European countries. Our ambition is to share our knowledge about wound care so that you can take care of your wounds in the best way possible.

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