Blister plasters

Did you know that there are two types of blister plasters? Classic hydrocolloid blister plasters and the new hydrogel blister plasters that do not stick to the blister when removed.

Depending on which stage the blister has reached, you should either use the hydrocolloid blister plaster to prevent it from forming or the hydrogel blister plaster for protection once the blister has occurred.

Blister Prevention is a blister plaster made of hydrocolloid that provides instant relief from pressure and friction, and prevents blisters from forming.

Blister Rescue is a blister plaster with an innovative hydrogel wound pad that does not stick to the blister. It protects the blister, gives pressure relief, stays well in place and is easy to remove without harming the blister.

The blister plasters are available for both heels and toes.

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