Kid's plasters

Active Kids

70 cm x 6 cm

  • Water Resistant
  • Breathable

Our cute kids plasters with colorful prints of animals are perfect for active kids. These flexible and breathable plasters are water and dirt-resistant. In addition, they have gentle adhesive that is especially developed for children’s sensitive skin.

Product content

This packaging includes 7 pieces of a 10 cm x 6 cm long length plaster to be cut into desired sizes.

7 pieces: 10cm x 6cm

REF: 510001065

When to use

The Active Kids plasters are suitable for minor wounds, for example a small and superficial cut.

How to treat a wound

  • Step 1: Clean the wound and the surrounding skin and make sure it is dry.

  • Step 2: Make sure the wound is not infected. Put on the plaster.

  • Step 3: Change to a new plaster and clean the wound every day to make sure that the wound is healing properly and is not infected. Also change plaster if it gets dirty or wets through.

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