Blister plasters

Blister Prevention Heels 6 pcs

6 pcs

  • Prevents blisters
  • Pressure relief
  • Friction protection

Blister Prevention Heels 6 pcs is a blister plaster made from an advanced hydrocolloid material that provides instant relief from pressure and friction. This blister plaster is best suited for prevention of blisters.

Product content

The packaging includes 6 blister plasters especially developed for heels.

6 x 40mm x 61mm

REF: 602225


When to use

This blister plaster is best suited for prevention of blisters, before the blister has occured or there’s redness on the skin.

Caution: people with impaired wound healing e.g. diabetics/elderly, should check their blister regularly. Do not use on blood blisters or deep, heavily bleeding or infected blisters.

How to use

  1. Wash the wound and the surrounding area with lukewarm water or wound cleansing fluid.
  2. Make sure that the skin is dry and clean from dirt, lotion, and oil.
  3. Remove the printed protective paper.
  4. Loose one half of the plastic release liner along the perforated line.
  5. Remove the plaster from the plastic release liner and carefully apply the plaster centered over the blister. Keep the plaster on until it falls off naturally. Grabbing one end and stretching carefully along the skin easily removes the plaster.

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