Blister plasters

Blister Rescue Toes

6 pcs

  • Protects blisters
  • Stays in place
  • Easy and pain-free to remove

Blister Rescue Toes is a blister plaster with innovative hydrogel wound pads that do not stick to the blister. It protects the blister, gives pressure relief, stays well in place and is easy and pain-free to remove – without harming the blister. This new type of blister plaster is best suited for protection of blisters that already have occured.

Product content

The packaging includes 6 blister plasters especially developed for toes.

6 x 56mm x 24mm

REF: 51030160


When to use

This blister plaster is best suited for protection of blisters, when the blister is intact, torn or deroofed.

Caution: people with impaired wound healing e.g. diabetics/elderly, should check their blister regularly. Do not use on blood blisters or deep, heavily bleeding or infected blisters.

How to use

  1. Wash the wound and the surrounding area with lukewarm water or wound cleansing fluid.
  2. Make sure that the skin is dry and clean from dirt, lotion, and oil.
  3. Tear to open the protective plaster pouch.
  4. Remove the plaster’s protective paper (marked 1).
  5. Carefully apply the plaster centered over the blister and try to minimize wrinkles. Then remove the white folded tab.
  6. Remove the protective plastic top layer (marked 2). You can keep the plaster on until it falls off, not more than five days. Change if the gel pad gets wet through.

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