Advanced Wound Care

Foam Bandage

1 m x 8 cm

  • Absorbant
  • Doesn’t stick to skin or hair
  • Flexible
  • Can be used in water

Foam Bandage is a self-adherent and adhesive-free wound dressing. The foam dressing is cross elastic, absorbent, provides high support and doesn’t stick to the skin, hair nor the wound. The elasticity in the bandage makes it easy to apply and comfortable to wear. In addition, it endures use in water and can be used together with ointments or creams. This packaging includes a 1 m x 8 cm wound dressing that is easy to cut or tear to a suitable length and wrap around the injured area.

Product content

1m x 8cm

REF: 51030241

When to use

This elastic foam dressing is suitable for sensitive skin. It’s best suited for covering of minor wounds, fixation of compresses, as support bandage or pressure bandage.

How to use

Foam Bandage as protective bandage

If using Foam Bandage for support, wound cover or dressing fixation: Wrap bandage with moderate support. Do not wrap so tightly that the blood circulation is affected. Loosen if pain occurs.

Foam Bandage as pressure bandage

If using Foam Bandage as pressure bandage:

  1. Tear off a piece
  2. Roll into a pressure pad
  3. Place the pressure pad on the wound. Wrap remaining foam bandage with moderate strength to make sure the bleeding stops. Keep the injured body part in a high position.

How to treat a wound

  • Step 1: Clean the wound and the surrounding skin and make sure it is dry.

  • Step 2: Make sure the wound is not infected. Put on the wound dressing.

  • Step 3: Change to a new wound dressing and clean the wound every day to make sure that the wound is healing properly and is not infected. Also change plaster if it gets dirty or wets through.

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