Wound care essentials

Wound Cleanser Spray

100 ml

  • Mild spray that cleans effectively
  • Doesn’t sting
  • Kid-friendly
  • Sterile to the last drop
  • No preservatives

Our easy to use Wound Cleanser Spray contains saline solution and offers a natural and painless wound cleaning, completely free from preservatives. This saline wound wash is ideal to have at home, on your travel or excursion! The practical bottle’s advance construction allows the sterile saline solution to be sterile to the last drop and to be sprayed in all directions. The soft wound spray effectively removes dirt and bacteria from the wound and aids the body’s own healing process. It does not sting, is kid-friendly and is a better way to clean wounds for both small and big adventures.

Product content

REF: 51030002

When to use

Use this wound cleanser spray to clean your wound and the surrounding skin, before applying a wound dressing or plaster.

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