• Healing wounds since 1947

    Salvequick was founded by Christian Cederroth after the Second World War, when he saw a demand for plasters among regular households and consumers. The first plaster was produced in 1947 in Stockholm and it was named Salveplast.

    In 1953 the company revolutionized the plaster market by launching Europe’s first single packed pre-cut plasters – Salvekvick. It quickly became a success that spread outside of the Sweden.

  • Salvequick today

    Today, Salvequick is the market leader and almost synonymous with plasters and wound care in many European countries. We sell around 20 Million plaster-boxes around the world each year. Our products can be found in most homes, schools and workplaces in Sweden. Over the years, Salvekvick has changed name to Salvequick and the assortment has been renewed and developed continuously.

    Salvequick’s wide assortment offers wound care products for every need and occasion. Our products are CE-labelled and comply with all applicable requirements for medical devices. The head office is in Stockholm and many of our products are produced in our factory in Barcelona.

  • Contact us

    Do you have questions or inputs about our products or about wound care you are welcome to contact us. Please also check under Questions and Answers (FAQ) where we have gathered frequently asked questions.

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